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Pure Light Craniosacral


Welcome to Pure Light Craniosacral

Craniosacral works with the movement of cerebrospinal fluid, bone alignment, & fascial tissue moving in rhythmic wave patterns. These natural rhythms get interrupted by emotional and physical tension, or injuries.  By gently supporting the movements that the body wants to make, it naturally unwinds the tension and blocks without manipulation or force.

Pain begins when CSF fluid and fascia slow down or stop.  Common places of restriction are the pelvic floor, respiratory diaphragm, top of the chest, neck, base of skull, and jaw.  Fascia is fascinating and has the ability to adapt to tension. Unfortunately this ability also means the tissue will not just relax on its own. It has adapted and now it doesn’t want to let go. Through gentle touch and signaling I’m able to feedback to the body what it’s doing and relaxation will begin to unfold. 

We are alive, we are life itself.  We need to be seen and supported gently, with compassion to allow for a true opening, and release of pain and emotion.  When that happens the body returns to its natural state for good, instead of just for a short period of time.   

Conditions that Craniosacral can help with:

TMJ dysfunction

Traumatic Brain Injury




Nerve pain & impingements

Spinal problems and misalignments

Back pain

Compartment Syndrome

Nose & breathing issues

Tongue & mouth issues

Dizziness & vertigo


Muscle & joint pain

Surgery & scars

Chronic pain


Trauma of all types

Emotional processing & release 


Car accidents


Autoimmune disorders

And many other conditions

My name is Scott McVay.  My training includes:

760 Hours of Massage School

Oral Mouth-work Certification

CPR Certification

1000 hours of Craniosacral Training

Talking to the Heart Certification

Trauma & the Nervous System Certification

Plus 2000 hours of actual Craniosacral sessions.. 

Craniosacral is my primary focus with massage school as a requirement to be licensed. 

My practice is informed by my own personal healing work including emotional release work, trauma support, and nervous system rebalancing. 

I look forward to working with you on your journey of self discovery and healing.

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