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Frequently Asked Questions


Is Craniosacral like massage?

Craniosacral is quite a bit different than massage.  Clients are clothed and face up on the table.  We use holds or certain hand positions to assess and feel the fascial restrictions as they release or "unwind"   This unwinding process is usually pleasant and feels very relaxing.  at times it can feel energetic, or a bit emotional as old energy is released.  Craniosacral helps stuck and restricted areas remember their natural rhythmic state.  It's the lack of rhythm and movement that create the pain and illness we experience.  Movement is life, especially Rhythmic movement.

What are the benefits of Craniosacral?

The benefits of Craniosacral are wide ranging.  Due to the focus on the nervous system, and alignment of the spine and skull, many different conditions can be improved.    General Pain, Headaches, Migraines, TMJ dysfunction, Whiplash, Eye strain, Mouth issues, Nervous system disorders, Digestive issues, and so on.  Most of what we experience in our modern world is a result of constant stress.  It keeps our body in a sympathetic state of fight or flight.  In this state, healing, digestion, and renewal are turned off in favor of survival.  As a temporary experience this is ok, as a chronic state it literally causes the body to break down and affects us psychologically as well.  Craniosacral takes us into a deep parasympathetic state and allows healing to begin.  The more we experience this state the more the body remembers how to come back to it again.  The only thing that ever truly heals the body is the body.  My goal is to remind your body it already knows how to do that.

Is Craniosacral Energy Work?

Craniosacral is often practiced as an adjustment practice similar to Chiropractic both of which have roots in Osteopathy.  The combination of Craniosacral I've learned as well as my background with Reiki and Zen Shiatsu allows me to bring in an element of energy work to my practice.

What is Craniosacral Unwinding?

Unwinding in Cranio refers to a process where the body is supported and guided as it unwinds restrictions, tension, and blocks.   Unwinding is literally what is happening with both the energy and even physical tissues.  Fascial tissue is a multilayered web like connective tissue that binds and gives form to the body.  You can imagine like a spider web where a strand is pulled and it stresses the whole design. Only the body really knows how to heal damage to tissues like this.  It comes in a non linear, spiral like unfolding that’s akin to a winding river.  As the body is supported and attention is called to blocked areas it begins to unwind the damaged tissues into more healthy expressions, allowing energy and fluids to flow, leading to more ease and freedom.

What Will I Experience In A Session

People often experience a deep relaxation, a dreamy timeless type state, and at times may experience sensations of release as tension lets go.  Sometimes emotions may come up.  The most common response I hear is people say that was the most unusual but powerful bodywork session I've experienced.

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